View Live Streaming Resource Details

To view details of a live streaming CDN resource:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > CDN > Resources menu.
  2. Click the CDN Hostname of a required live streaming CDN resource.
  3. On the page that appears you will see basic resource settings:

    CDN Resource details

    • Owner

    • CDN hostname

    • Resource type - Live Streaming

    • CDN Reference the ID of the resource in database
    • Publishing Pointthe publishing point type: external or internal

    • Main Internal Publishing Location - main internal publishing point URL address

    • Failover Internal Publishing Location - internal publishing point failover URL

    • Resource status – shows the resource status

    DNS settings

    • CNAME for the CDN Hostname which is used to view the contents.

    Edge Groups

    • Shows to which Edge groups the resource is assigned.

    Last 24 hours cost

    • Cost of the resource for the last 24 hours.

 Advanced Settings

Click the Advanced details tab to view advanced details of a Live Streaming CDN resource. The screen that appears will provide you with the following information:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > CDN > Resources menu.
  2. Click a CDN Hostname.
  3. On the screen that appears, click the Advanced Details tab.
  4. This screen provides you with the following information:

    • Publisher name - name of the user who created the CDN Resource record
    • Country Access Policy - access policy to the CDN resource's content for specified countries: either NONE (disabled) or BLOCK BY DEFAULT
    • Hotlink Policy - whether hotlink policy is enabled or not
    • Secure Wowza - whether secure Wowza token is enabled or not
    • Token for Edge/Flash player - whether token for Edge/Flash player is enabled or not
    • Token Authentication Enabled - whether token authentication is enabled or not

Upload instructions

Click the Instructions tab to view the instructions for uploading files and embedding video from Live Streaming CDN resources.

View CDN resource billing statistics

To view the resource billing statistics, click the Billing Statistics tab.