DNS Zones

OnApp DNS Zone feature allows you to manage your and your clients' domain DNS. Each time DNS zone, record, or setup settings are refreshed, the DNS configuration is immediately updated on the DNS vendor server.


For DNS zones, there is a limit of 10,000 per OnApp client.

As for records in the DNS zones, we do not impose a limit on them as long as the records are unique.

Dynamic DNS

Using dynamic DNS Services (DDNS) to modify zone records is not always possible. DNS records are created on your OnApp Cloud server and can be edited later. However, if your router does not support dynamic DNS Services updates, it won't be possible to edit zone records via the standard DDNS client's interface. In this case, use API calls to edit zone records.

Check DNS Usage Statistics

At this time, it is not possible to check the usage statistics of your domains using the OnApp anycast DNS.

Reserved DNS Zone

Anycast DNS Location

We currently have 13 anycast DNS locations. 

 Click here to see the list
  1. Stockholm, Sweden
  2. Göteborg, Sweden
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  4. Hong Kong
  5. London, England
  6. Singapore
  7. Bucharest, Romania
  8. Frankfurt, Germany
  9. London, England
  10. Los Angeles, United States
  11. Washington, United States
  12. Miami, United States
  13. San Jose, United States