How your CDN Account Works

OnApp acts as a clearing house for CDN transactions, handling all payments and charges for the CDN.

Since June 20, 2019, all new CDN customers will be subjected to the new pricing plan. For the details, refer to

Your CDN account is managed through the OnApp Dashboard. This is how it works:

You deposit credit in your CDN account.

You can add credit and view your account balance at any time through the OnApp Dashboard:

OnApp automatically credits your account with revenue you earn from the marketplace.

If you have edge servers on the CDN marketplace, any revenue you make from them, by selling CDN bandwidth, is automatically added to your account.

OnApp automatically deducts CDN usage charges from your account, including:

The cost of any bandwidth you buy on the marketplace:
The amount is set by the owners of the marketplace servers you subscribe to.

$x.xx per Gigabyte

The fee for using the core OnApp CDN service (OnApp CDNaaS):
This fee applies to all traffic routed to your end users through OnApp CDNaaS, whether it's from your own edge servers or marketplace servers.

$5 per Terabyte of traffic routed via CDNaaS

The fee for selling bandwidth on the OnApp CDN marketplace:
This fee is only levied on the value of bandwidth you sell on the OnApp CDN marketplace.

10% of the marketplace value of any bandwidth you sell

If your CDN revenue is greater than your usage costs, OnApp pays you the difference.

If the value of bandwidth you sell is greater than the cost of the bandwidth you buy + OnApp CDN usage charges, we'll send you a check and deduct that amount from your CDN account balance. The calculation and any payments due are processed monthly. For details on payment withdrawal, contact us at