Enable CDN for Your Cloud

If you want to enable CDN for your cloud, you should contact your account manager. This person will create a CDN subscription for you and link the subscription on the Dashboard.

The CDN marketplace allows you to subscribe to CDN locations provided by other hosts. It also enables you to sell CDN bandwidth from your own edge servers to other hosts. Please note that all servers submitted to the marketplace, in order to sell bandwidth, are assessed before they are accepted. Criteria include geographic location, bandwidth, and server specs.
You are limited to one license per city - if you have two clouds very close to the same city, please choose a different city that is nearby. 
Setting prices for edge server resources you sell to end users (rather than other marketplace members) is handled through the OnApp Control Panel, via CDN Edge Groups and Billing Groups. 

Once the CDN setup process is completed, you will see new CDN tools in the main left-hand navigation of your OnApp Control Panel. 

You should have at least one configured Location Group to be able to create different CDN servers (edge servers, storage servers, accelerators, etc.).