Create and Subscribe to CDN Edge Servers

Your CDN needs edge servers to cache and deliver content. You can set up your own edge servers in your cloud, subscribe to edge servers on the CDN marketplace, or do both.

Add CDN Edge Server to Your Cloud

To add a CDN edge server to the cloud:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > CDN > Edge Servers menu.
  2. On the screen that appears, click the Create Edge Server button or press the "+" button.
  3. Fill in the edge server creation form step by step:

    Step 1 of 4
    The Cloud Locations step applies to those users who have compute zones assigned to location groups in their billinng plan. Indicate your edge server's cloud location: country and city. Click Next.

    Step 2 of 4

    • Give your edge server a label. The label can consist of:

      Lower- & upper-case letters [A-Za-z]
      Digits [0-9]
      Dash [ - ]
      Underscore [ _ ]
      Space character [ ]
      At sign [@]
      Brackets [ (){} ]
      Slashes [/]
      Caret [^]
      Dollar sign [$]
      Asterisk [*]
      Comma [,]
      Dot [.]

    • Select an edge server type: HTTP or streaming.

      PLEASE NOTE: When the first streaming edge server is created, a Wowza key will be assigned to the operator. The operator will be then billed monthly depending on the number of instances of that particular license key being used in that month.

    • Choose a compute zone to build this server on.

    • Choose a specific compute resources to build this server on.

    • Move the Add to Marketplace slider to the right to submit this server to the OnApp CDN marketplace. If so, the minimum required disk size is 1 TB.
    • Click Next.

    Any servers you submit will be assessed before they are accepted into the marketplace. Criteria include geographic location, bandwidth and server specs.

    Step 3 of 4

    • Set the resources needed for this edge server: RAM, CPU cores and CPU priority.
    • Choose a data store zone for this edge server's primary disk.

    • Set the primary disk size. The disk size is calculated in the following way: 10 GB for OS, the rest of total disk space is estimated 80% per Pull population and 20% per Push population.

      The disk size should not exceed 2 TB when a new disk is added. You can later resize the disk if you need it to be larger than 2 TB.

    • Choose a network zone and set the port speed for this edge server, or make it unlimited. It is not possible to set port speed value for edge servers based on smart compute resources.

    Step 4

    • Move the Build Edge Server Automatically slider to the right if you want the system to automatically build the edge server. Otherwise, you will have to build your server manually after it is created.

  4. Click Create Edge Server button.

    • Open all available ports to the CDN edge server if you are using firewall rules, since edge servers do not support the firewall configuration.
    • Edge servers are managed in much the same way as a virtual machine. The exception is that autoscaling, backups, NAT and firewall rules are not available for edge servers. For a full description of edge server management tools, see the CDN sections of the OnApp Cloud Administration Guide. 

Subscribe to CDN Marketplace Locations


To subscribe to a CDN marketplace location:

  1. Log in to the OnApp Dashboard:
  2. Click the CDN link in the main Dashboard navigation.
  3. Select the Marketplace tab on the main CDN dashboard screen, then choose Subscribe POPs.
  4. Use Locations, Provider and Price tabs above the map to search available edge servers by location/provider/price.
  5. In each case, the providers are shown in a list along with their details and price per GB. Choose one or more providers by checking the Purchase box next to their entry in the list.
  6. Click the OK button at the bottom of the screen to confirm.