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OnApp CDN is a unique approach to CDN for hosting providers. It' is a federated CDN platform that uses spare capacity in OnApp Clouds to provide a global network of low-cost and high-performance CDN PoPs (Point of Presence).

There are three main elements to OnApp CDN:

  • OnApp CDN Stack – edge server software that is installed in your cloud in much the same way as a virtual server. This enables you to create your own CDN Point of Presence to cache and distribute web content to end users.
  • OnApp CDNaaS – this is an Anycast DNS redirection service that directs content requests from end users to the most appropriate PoP. The service is hosted by OnApp at data centers around the world.
  • OnApp CDN Federation – a marketplace where you can buy CDN bandwidth from other hosts using OnApp CDN. This allows you to build a global CDN service without having to build a global CDN infrastructure. You can also submit your own edge servers to the marketplace and (if your servers are accepted) sell bandwidth to other hosts.

This guide contains information on how to set up CDN in OnApp. For detailed information, refer to one of the following sections:

For information on OnApp installation and upgrade procedures, refer to the Installation or the Upgrade guide.