Partial Site Integration

Partial site integration is applied if there are a few static elements to be displayed to users. The most direct implementation is to change the URL links of static files in the website HTML file to use the CDN URL.

To implement partial site integration:

  1. Create a CDN resource.

    When creating the HTTP Pull CDN resource:

  2. After the creation of the CDN resource, set up a CNAME to for

    To find information on the CNAME:

        1. Go to your Control Panel > CDN > Resources menu.
        2. On the following page, click the label of the required CDN resource.
        3. On the page that appears, under the DNS Settings section, the details on the CNAME are provided.

  3. Edit the website HTML file and change the URL link for a .jpg file, which is used to deliver a static file with a non-CDN URL link to

If the site uses primarily static content, you can use full site integration.