Edit CDN Subscribers Price

Please note that this page is applicable to the Cloud Owner role only.

To edit a CDN subscribers' price:

  1. Go to your Dashboard (admin.onapp.com) > CDN > Portal menu.
  2. Click the Marketplace drop-down list and select List Subscribers.

This page gives an overview of the location bandwidth to marketplace sellers. Additionally, a marketplace seller can configure private pricing for a specific buyer based on mutual agreement between the parties.

      3. On the page that appears, click Edit under the required location.
      4. In the dialog box, enter a new price and click OK.

Please note that

  • The private price is applicable only to a specific buyer.
  • The private price cannot be higher than the global price at which the seller sells in the marketplace.
  • If the global price in the marketplace is changed, it does not affect the buyer's pricing provided that the private pricing has already been set up for this specific buyer.