CDN Edge Server IP Ranges

OnApp CDN provides a list of IP ranges available for edge servers to which you are subscribed on CDN Marketplace. You can use IP ranges to filter incoming traffic on your origin website by means of firewall rules. Whitelisting edge server IPs enables a firewall to accept incoming traffic from IP addresses within the range and block malicious traffic. In this document, you can find information on where to locate edge server IP ranges at your Control Panel. 

You need to have the See own CDN resources permission enabled to access the IP Ranges menu of a CDN resource.

View IP Ranges

To view the list of IP ranges allocated to edge servers: 

  1. Go to your Control Panel > CDN > Resources menu. 
  2. Click the IP Ranges tab. 
  3. On the page that appears, you will see the list of available IP ranges. You can copy the IP range and set up firewall rules on your origin website to accept incoming traffic from IP addresses within this range.
  • Since the range of IP addresses may be changed by the edge server provider, it is recommended to use API to retrieve the latest list of IP ranges for your firewall rules. You can also run a cron to schedule jobs for checking changes in the IP range. For more information on API, refer to the Get Edge Server IP Ranges document.
  • At Control Panel, the list of IP ranges is automatically updated to include the relevant IPs.