CDN Visitors Report

To view the Visitors report:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Metrics > CDN menu.
  2. Click the Visitors section. You can filter the statistics by:
    CDN resource - choose CDN resource, for which you want to view the statistics
    Time period - select period start and end date 
  3. Click the Apply button. You will get the Top 5 Countries chart (by default for the last week) with the visitors' amount statistics. Also you will get the Visitor Countries table (sorted by the highest request) with the following details:
      • Visitor Country - the code of the visitor country
      • AVG Latency - the average latency for the selected period
      • AVG Transfer Rate - the average transfer rate for the selected period
      • Requests - the amount of successful  file requests for the selected period
      • Bandwidth -the total amount of transmitted bandwidth for the selected period

To sort information by column in ascending or descending order, mouse over the particular column header and click a triangle icon.

To export the statistics in csv format, click the Export to CSV button.