CDN Usage Statistics

To view the summary of CDN Resources used by CDN with their details, go to your Control Panel > MetricsCDN Usage menu:

• Owner – the owner's user name. Click the owner's name for details
• Edge Group – the edge group to which the CDN resource belongs to
• Location – CDN edge server's location
• Data cached – cached CDN traffic in a number_to_human_size format (see the table below)
• Data non cached – non-cached CDN traffic in a number_to_human_size format (see the table below)

The table of formatting the bytes in number into a more understandable representation:

number_to_human_size(123)                        => 123 Bytes
number_to_human_size(1234)                       => 1.21 KB
number_to_human_size(12345)                      => 12.1 KB
number_to_human_size(1234567)                    => 1.18 MB
number_to_human_size(1234567890)                 => 1.15 GB
number_to_human_size(1234567890123)              => 1.12 TB
number_to_human_size(1234567, :precision => 2)   => 1.2 MB
number_to_human_size(483989, :precision => 2)    => 470 KB
number_to_human_size(1234567, :precision => 2, :separator => ',') => 1,2 MB
By default, statistics are generated for the last 72 hours. To specify another period, set the start and end time and click the Apply button. Select the Show in my timezone checkbox to show CDN usage statistics according to your profile's time zone settings.
Deleted CDN resources/locations will be marked as unavailable after the upgrade to a newer version of the OnApp cloud.