CDN Top Files Report

To view a top files report:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Metrics > Top Files menu.
  2. You will get the list of top 50 files (by default for the last week) with the following details:
    • Resource - the name of the CDN resource
    • File URL - the URL of the resource file
    • Request - the total number of file requests for the selected period
    • Hit - the number of successful file requests for the selected period
    • Miss - the number of failed file requests for the selected period
    • Bandwidth -the amount of transmitted bandwidth for the selected period
    • Actions - if available, you can click the Purge button to remove cache content. This action is available only for accelerated CDN resources

To sort information by column in ascending or descending order, hover over the particular column header and click a triangle icon.

You can filter the statistics by date or by CDN resource - select the dates in the date pickers or the CDN resource in the drop-down list and click the Apply button.

To export the statistics in csv format, click the Export to CSV button.