CDN Stream Bandwidth Report

Be aware that the bandwidth statistics report shows information on Stream type CDN resources only.

To view the bandwidth statistics report:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Metrics > Stream Bandwidth menu.
  2. Select the type of the filter – either GB or MBit/s. In MBPS mode you can get statistics for the last 10 days only. The older statistics is removed. There are no limitations for GB mode.
  3. Specify the period in the From and To fields.
  4. Select a resource and/or location for which the statistics will be generated.
  5. Click the Apply button.

The points in the graph are displayed according to a particular frequency, which depends on the time period specified with the From and To parameters:

Time Period

Frequency in seconds


 0 - 30 days


1 day

 31 - 93 days


1 week

 equal or more than 93 days


2 weeks

Statistics available in the frequency higher than selected will be accumulated to a single point of such frequency.
For example, the statistics was requested for the period of 31-93 days, so the frequency of points in the graph is 7 days. If the statistics was generated few times during those 7 days (day1+day2+dayn), it will be added up and displayed as a single point, with a time stamp marked as the first day of such 7 days.  

The statistics are displayed in two graphs: Cached and Non Cached.

To zoom into a time period, click and drag in a chart. Click the Reset Zoom button to zoom out again.