View CDN Edge Server Details

Edge servers are virtual compute resources that are much like other virtual servers in your cloud. You can perform the same basic actions on them as for VSs.
To view all edge servers in the cloud:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > CDN > Edge Servers menu to see an overview of all edge servers in your cloud: their label, IP addresses, power status (with on/off buttons), allocated disk size, RAM, and backups.
  2. To reboot, start up or shut down a CDN edge server, click the Actions button next to the required edge server, then select the relevant action.
  3. To narrow the list of edge servers by type, click the relevant tab at the top of the list.

If you are viewing the edge servers list on a narrow screen, you can customize the way the table is displayed by clicking the actions icon at the top of the table. In the drop-down list that appears, check the columns you want to be displayed and click Apply. The narrower your screen is, the more unchecked columns will be hidden from the table. If your screen is too narrow to fit all the columns you have checked, a scrollbar will appear at the bottom of the edge servers list. You can always alter your column selection later. Note that by default the VIP column is not visible in the table on narrow screens. 

Column selection is currently set for one browser. If you have checked some columns in one browser and open the list in some other browser, the column selection will be the default one for that other browser.

To view a particular edge server's details:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > CDN > Edge Servers menu.
  2. Click the label of the edge server required.
  3. On the screen that appears, use the top navigation tabs to manage your edge server.

    Edge servers are managed with the same tools you use to manage VSs in your cloud. The table below links to the relevant sections of this guide's Virtual Servers chapter. The exception is that autoscaling, backups, and firewall rules are not available for edge servers.
    OverviewThe Overview tab shows CDN edge server information and gives access to the most frequently-used management tools.

    PropertiesCDN edge server's details page

    CPU Usage

    CDN edge server's CPU usage statistics

    Billing Statistics

    CDN edge server's billing statistics information


    The Networking tab gives access to the edge server's Network interfaces and IP addresses.

    Network InterfacesCDN edge server's network configuration

    IP Addresses

    CDN edge server's IP addresses



    The Storage tab lets you manage your edge server's disks.


    The integrated VNC console tab gives access to the users' edge servers through the Control Panel UI. This option is available only for edge servers running on KVM compute resources.


    For the HTML5 console, click the Re-connect button if the connection is lost. The re-connection to the console runs as follows: 

    • If the console runs as expected, clicking the Re-connect button causes disconnection and the console is re-connected automatically after 1.5 seconds.
    • If the console gets stuck, clicking the Re-connect button runs your request once again and re-connects the console without reloading.
    • If the console gets disconnected with a status code and an error message, the console is re-connected automatically after 1.5 seconds.
  4. To expand the Actions menu, click the Actions button on the edge server's screen. The list of available options depends on the edge server's status. For options description, refer to relevant sections of the Virtual Servers chapter.