CDN Edge Servers

Web content is cached in the network of edge servers on the CDN, distributed across different geographic locations. Currently, there are two types of edge servers in OnApp: HTTP and Streaming.

Starting with OnApp 5.4 version, edge servers functionality is applicable for users with the vCloud Director integration.

HTTP edge servers support both Push and Pull population methods in 80/20 ratio (80% HTTP Pull and 20% HTTP Push). When the edge server is created, its storage limit for HTTP Pull and HTTP Push is automatically assigned by the system.
Streaming edge server type allows sending a stream to one of the publishing points, or picking up the stream externally and delivering it to the end users. Take note that Operator has to deploy CDN streaming Edge Server to utilize CDN streaming service.
Streaming edge servers support only streaming services. The following protocols are supported:

  • HTTP
  • HDS
  • iPhone
  • SilverLight

Streaming service includes the following advanced features:

  • Hotlinking protection - protect your media from being hotlinked (linked to the website without your permission)
  • Geo Blocking - restrict access to your media so that it is accessible only for certain countries/regions
  • RMTPE (secure Wowza) - streaming encryption

 You do not have to add the Wowza license key manually to enable streaming edge servers. A third-party application - Wowza will be installed automatically when installing an edge server and you will simply be charged for it. Please, contact your account manager for details.

Content is delivered to end users from the server which is closest to the user or has the best availability. If you have CDN enabled for your cloud, you can use the control panel to set up your own edge servers and manage them in the same way you manage virtual servers. You can submit your edge server to the locations in the marketplace to sell bandwidth across it.

To be able to sell CDN bandwidth through our online marketplace, you must first submit your edge server for assessment.

You can use smart Compute resources for CDN edge server deployment.
CDN edge servers do not support firewall and NAT (network address translation).