Get List of Service Add-ons Assigned to VS

To get the list of service add-ons assigned to the VS, use the following request:

GET /virtual_machines/:virtual_machine_id/service_addons.xml
GET /virtual_machines/:virtual_machine_id/service_addons.json 

XML Request Example

curl "http://onapp.test/virtual_machines/12/service_addons.xml" -X GET \ -u user:password

JSON Request Example

curl "http://onapp.test/virtual_machines/12/service_addons.json" -X GET \ -u user:password

XML Output Example

<service_addons type="array">
    <id type="integer">2</id>
    <description nil="true"/>
    <compatible_with type="array">
    <user_id type="integer">2</user_id>
      <url nil="true"/>
    <created_at type="dateTime">2016-12-20T16:19:39+00:00</created_at>
    <updated_at type="dateTime">2016-12-20T16:19:39+00:00</updated_at>


id – ID of the service add-on

label – the service add-on title

description – description text added to the service add-on

compatible_with – the OS type, with which this service add-on is compatible

user_id – ID of the user, who created the service add-on

icon – URL with the service add-on icon

created_at – the date when the service add-on was created in the [YYYY][MM][DD]T[hh][mm][ss]Z format

updated_at — the date when the service add-on was updated in the [YYYY][MM][DD]T[hh][mm][ss]Z format