Get List of User Monthly Bills

To get data on user's monthly bills for a year, use the following request:

GET /users/:user_id/monthly_bills.xml
GET /users/:user_id/monthly_bills.json

To view user monthly bills for a particular year, use the following request:

XML Request Example

curl -X GET -u 'user:userpass' https://onapp.test/users/12/monthly_bills.xml -d "date[year]=2015"

JSON Request Example

curl -X GET -u 'user:userpass' https://onapp.test/users/12/monthly_bills.json -d "date[year]=2015"

XML Output Example

<vm_stats type="array">
<month type="integer">5</month>
<cost type="float">167.371330738068</cost>


month - number of a month

cost - total user costs, charged for that month (monthly price+costs for resources and usage. See the Get User Billing Statistics section for details)