Add User

To create a new user account, use the following request:

POST /users.xml
POST /users.json

XML Request Example

curl -i -X POST -d '<user><login>111111losj</login><email></email><first_name>TestApiName</first_name><last_name>TestAPIName</last_name><password>password_test1</password><user_group_id>1</user_group_id><bucket_id type="integer">1</bucket_id><role_ids type="array"><role_id>1</role_id></role_ids><additional_fields type="array"><additional_field><name>additional_field_name</name><value>custom_value</value></additional_field></additional_fields><time_zone>Kyiv</time_zone><locale>en</locale></user>' -u user:userpass http://onapp.test/users.xml -H 'Accept: application/xml' -H 'Content-type: application/xml'

JSON Request Example

curl -i -X POST -d '{"user":{"login":"111111losj","email":"1111111losj@test.test","first_name":"1111","last_name":"1311","password":"password_test1","user_group_id":"1","bucket_id":"1","role_ids":["1","2"], "additional_fields":[{"additional_field":{"name":"additional_field_name","value":"custom_value"}}]}}' -u user:userpass http://onapp.test/users.json -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json'

Returns HTTP 201 on successful creation, or HTTP 422 if a user with such a login/email already exists.


email* - user's email address

login* - login of the user. It can consist of 2-40 characters, letters [A-Za-z], digits [0-9], dash [ - ], lower dash [ _ ], [@]. You can use both lower- and uppercase letters. The dash [ - ] and [@] symbols are not allowed as first characters of the login name.

password* - user's password. (min – 6 characters)

first_name - user's first name

last_name - user's last name

role – assigns a role to a user

time_zone - time zone of the user. Set by default

locale - local of the user. Set by default

status – user's status (active, suspended, etc)

bucket_id – set by default, if not selected

additional field – an array of custom fields assigned to the user, where:

  • name - the name of a particular additional field
  • value - the value which you want to assign to this additional field

role_ids – an array of the role IDs, assigned to the user

user_group_id – ID of the group, to which the user is attached

suspend_after_hours – time in hours, after which the user will be suspended

suspend_at – time in [YYYY][MM][DD] T[hh][mm][ss]Z format, when the user will be suspended

Page History

v. 4.0

  • the login length decreased to two symbols

v. 3.1

  • first_name and last_name are no longer required parameters