Smart Servers

Smart servers are dedicated entities based on KVM CloudBoot compute resources with passthrough enabled. 

NOTE: VLANs are not configured automatically on smart servers. You need to configure them manually in accordance with your OS and hardware settings.

Smart servers are billed the same way as Virtual Servers.You can set limits and prices for CPU/CPU share/memory.

To charge for smart server resources:

  1. Create a smart server compute zone
  2. Attach smart server compute resources to this zone
  3. Add this compute zone (smart server type) to a bucket and set the CPU/CPU share/memory limits
  4. Assign user to this bucket
  5. Create a smart server under this user's account and allocate the required smart server on a compute zone that you've just added to the bucket.

Currently, it is not possible to set limits and prices for smart server network resources.