Edit CloudBoot Compute Resource

To edit a virtual CloudBoot compute resource, use the following request:

PUT /settings/assets/:asset_mac_address/hypervisors.xml
PUT /settings/assets/:asset_mac_address/hypervisors.json

For details on how to edit CloudBoot compute resources for smart/baremetal server deployment, refer to the Edit Smart CloudBoot Compute Resource and Edit Baremetal CloudBoot Compute Resource sections, accordingly.

XML Request Example

curl -i -X PUT http://onapp.test/settings/assets/00:0a:95:9d:68:16/hypervisors.xml -d '<hypervisor><label>CB_Virtual</label><ip_address></ip_address><backup_ip_address></backup_ip_address><segregation_os_type>any</segregation_os_type><enabled>1</enabled><collect_stats>1</collect_stats><disable_failover>0</disable_failover><failover_recipe_id>get_if_config</failover_recipe_id><passthrough_disks>0</passthrough_disks><storage><disks><scsi>DC0710130DBA80013_TAII_DC0710130DBA80013</scsi><selected>1</selected></disks><nics><mac>00:30:48:fd:74:c7</mac><type>1</type></nics><nics><mac>00:1b:21:6f:3a:ff</mac><type>0</type></nics><custom_pcis><pci>00:00.0</pci><selected>1</selected></custom_pcis></hardware_devices><mtu>1500</mtu><storage_controller_memory_size>640</storage_controller_memory_size><disks_per_storage_controller>4</disks_per_storage_controller><integrated_storage_disabled>false</integrated_storage_disabled><custom_config>iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p\r\n\r\n/etc/init.d/iscsi restart</custom_config><apply_hypervisor_group_custom_config>0</apply_hypervisor_group_custom_config></hypervisor>'
-u account_email:API_key -H 'Accept:application/xml' -H 'Content-type:application/xml'

JSON Request Example

curl -i -X PUT http://onapp.test/settings/assets/00:1a:93:9d:68:aa/hypervisors.json -d '{"hypervisor":{"label":"virtual","ip_address":"","backup_ip_address":"","segregation_os_type":"any","enabled":"1","collect_stats":"1", "disable_failover":"0","failover_recipe_id":"get_if_config","passthrough_disks":"0",
"hardware_devices":{"disks":[{"scsi":"DC0710130DBA80013_TAII_DC0710130DBA80013","selected":"1"}], "nics":[{"mac":"00:30:48:fd:74:c7","type":"1"},{"mac":"00:1b:21:6f:3a:ff","type":"0"}],"custom_pcis":[{"pci":"00:00.0","selected":"1"}]},"mtu":"1500","storage_controller_memory_size":"640",
"disks_per_storage_controller":"4","integrated_storage_disabled":"false","custom_config":"ntpdate192.168.1.1}}' -u account_email:API_key -H
'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-type: application/json'


hypervisor - an array of compute resource details:

  • label * - the name of the compute resource
  • ip_address - the compute resource IP address

    • When you change the Pxe IP address, you should reboot the CloudBoot compute resource immediately after saving the new settings. If you do not reboot the resource immediately, the Control Panel will fail to connect to the new IP address, causing failover transactions. You can reboot the compute resource manually from the console or use the Power Cycle command (if configured). 
      You cannot use the Reboot option on the CP UI to reboot the resource after changing the IP address. 
      You can also change the IP address of a CloudBoot compute resource that is offline and once the resource is booted, it will be available on the new IP Address.

    • If InfiniBand is enabled for CloudBoot, you should change the value of the cloud_boot pxe config after changing the Pxe IP address.
  • backup_ip_address - the provisioning network IP address
  • segregation_os_type - an operating system type (can be Any OS, Windows only, or Non-Windows)
  • enabled - set 1 to enable this compute resource, otherwise, set 0
  • collect_stats - set 1 to collect statistics for this compute resource, otherwise, set 0
  • disable_failover - optional parameter. Set true to disable compute resource failover, otherwise, false

  • failover_recipe_id - the ID of a recipe to run before the failover process

  • format_disks - set 1 to format compute resource's disks during creation, otherwise, set 0

  • passthrough_disks - set 1 if the disks should be passed through to the storage nodes, otherwise set 0. This parameter is for Xen compute resources only.

hardware_devices - an array of compute resource disks' details:

  • disks - an array of compute resource disks, where:
    • scsi - SCSI inquiry product revision number
    • selected - set 1 to select a disk, otherwise set 0
  • nics - network interfaces that will be used for storage, where:
    • mac - network interface MAC address
    • type - network interface type:
      • 0 - unassigned (is not used for storage)
      • 1 - SAN subnet
      • 2 - passthrough to storage
      • 3 - passthrough to guest (for the smart appliance)
  • custom_pcis - an array of custom  PCI devices
    • pci - NIC PCI
    • selected - 1 if the PCI is selected, otherwise false
  • mtu - maximum transferrable unit value. You can set the frame size from 1500 to 9000 bytes.

    The maximum transportation unit (MTU) is the maximum size of a unit that can be transmitted transferred via ethernet traffic. Any data that exceed the specified MTU value will be divided into smaller units before being transferred. The utilization of jumbo frames allows to reduce increase throughput and increase CPU utilization during large size file transfers.

  • storage_controller_memory_size - specify the storage controller memory size (minimum 640 MB)
  • disks_per_storage_controller - specify the number of disks per controller virtual server. You can set from 1 to 4 disks. By default, the controller virtual server is created per 4 disk drives

power_cycle_command - arbitrary command string to be executed by IPMI from the CP server

integrated_storage_disabled - set 'true' to disable Integrated Storage

custom_config - specify any custom commands that will be run when a compute resource is booted

Currently, a command or commands should be written in one line separated by a semicolon. If the command(s) is written in two lines you will receive a "fail" response, although the transaction will be performed. The power cycle command is executed on Control Panel under user OnApp, this may be any script created in bash.

apply_hypervisor_group_custom_config - optional parameter. Set 1 to enable applying the compute zone custom config, otherwise, set 0

If enabled, the compute zone custom config is applied before the compute resource custom config.

Page History


  • changed storage to hardware_devices parameter


  • added the following parameters:
    • segregation_os_type 
    • failover_recipe_id


  • added the ip_address parameter

v. 5.6

  • added the apply_hypervisor_group_custom_config parameter

v. 5.4

  • added the integrated_storage_disabled parameter