Zone Types

Starting from version 5.3, OnApp reinforces the role of the types for compute, data store, network and backup server zones. The following norms apply to existing and new zones and resources:

  • All individual resources (compute resources, data stores, backup servers and networks) should be assigned to zones. Unassigned resources cannot be used for virtual server creation.
  • All compute, data store, network and backup server zones have their type which cannot be changed. The zone's type also defines the type of the resources assigned to it. All VMware Cloud Director related resources have the VPC type.
  • Resources can be moved from one zone to another, but the zones should be of the same type. For example, you can move a data store from a data store zone of the Virtual type to another zone of the Virtual type. However, such a data store cannot be moved to a zone of the VPC type.
  • Networks, data stores and backup servers can only be assigned to compute zones and compute resources of the same type. For example, a network from the Virtual type network zone can be assigned only to a compute zone of the Virtual type.

Below you can find tables that demonstrate the available zone types depending on the resource type:

  • Compute Resources and Zones

    Compute Resource TypeCompute Zone Type
    VMware Cloud DirectorVPC

  • Data Stores and Data Store Zones

    Data Store TypeData Store Zone Type
    Integrated StorageVirtual/Smart
    VMware Cloud DirectorVPC

  • Networks and Network Zones

    Network TypeNetwork Zone Type
    VMware Cloud DirectorVPC

  • Backup Servers and Backup Server Zones

    The backups server zones are available for the Virtual and the Smart server type. Any backup server can be added to a zone of either type. Once the backup server is added to a zone of a certain type it can be assigned to a backup server zone, compute resource or compute zone of that type only.

  • Backup Resources and Backup Resource Zones

    The backup resource zones are available for the Virtual server type. The backup resource uses a plugin that enables to integrate OnApp with a third-party backup system. Once the backup resource is added to the backup resource zone, the later should be assigned to a compute zone that includes a compute resource on which run virtual servers that should be backed up.