Networks Settings

A network can contain several IP nets which include IP ranges with a default gateway. The network details page shows the list of IP nets in a network with their IP ranges which include the IPs assigned to virtual servers and/or users. IPs that are not assigned to a user or a VS are not displayed on the network details page but they are available for selection during virtual server creation or when assigning IPs to users.

Shared Networks are the default type of network in OnApp where a user receives an IP address on the network they have access to.

View Networks

To view the networks currently available in your cloud:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Admin > Settings menu.
  2. Click the Networks icon.
  3. The screen that appears shows the networks of the Shared type in your cloud with their label, identifier and VLAN.

Click a network's label to view its details.

Click the Actions icon next to a network to edit or delete it.

View Network IP Nets

To view details of a network:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Admin > Settings menu.
  2. Click the Networks icon. The page that loads shows the shared networks in your cloud.
  3. Click the label of the network you are interested in. The screen the network's label, identifier, VLAN and network zone.
    This page also includes the IP nets in the selected network. 

OnApp currently offers two types of IP nets: IP Pool and Manual IP. IP Pool nets are the regular type of IP net it OnApp, they contain IPs assigned to users/VSs and are available during server creation. For information on manual IP nets refer to Manual IP Nets.  

Click an IP net to view the list of IPs in it with the user and/or VS they are assigned to. 

To find a particular IP net, type your query in the search box and click the Search button.