Cloud Usage

The Usage Statistics page lists each virtual server in your cloud, along with the following details:

  • Virtual Server - the label the virtual server
  • Owner - the username of the VS owner 
  • CPU Used - the average CPU percentage that the VS has been using during the last 48 hours or during the period you specified
  • Disk r/w Completed
    • Disk reads completed - the number of read operations completed on the disk
    • Disk writes completed - the number of write operations completed on the disk
  • Disk r/w Data
    • Disk data read - the amount of data read from the disk
    • Disk data written - the amount of data written to the disk
  • Bandwidth 
    • Bandwidth sent - the number of Kilobytes (KB) sent by the VS
    • Bandwidth received - the number of Kilobytes (KB) received by the VS

To sort the statistics in the table, hover over the required column and click the label. The arrow that appears while hovering over the label shows the order (ascending/descending) in which the data is sorted. Click the label again to sort the data in the different order. You can also view details of a specific VS or its owner by clicking the corresponding links in the table. 

By default, statistics are generated for the last 48 hours. To specify another period, set the Start and End time and click the Apply button.

When you specify hours for statistics generation, pay attention that statistics will be generated as follows:

  • For a period of time where hours are specified without minutes, e.g. 15.00-17.00, the statistics will be generated for the specified period of time and the preceding hour, that is from 14.00 up to 17.00.
  • For a period of time where hours are specified with minutes, e.g. 15.30-17.00, the statistics will be generated for the specified period of time, that is from 15.00 up to 17.00.
  • To generate the statistics for one month, select a period without the following month, for example from 01.04.2019 00:00 to 30.04.2019 23:59 but not to 01.05.2019 00:00. 

To download a CSV file with statistics for a selected period of time, click the Save as CSV button. The download will start automatically after you click the button.