Instance Packages

Instance packages are preconfigured CPU/RAM/Disk/Bandwidth packages that can be selected during the VS creation process, or change it later to another instance package with appropriate resources while editing the VS. You can add multiple instance packages specifying different values for the parameters to suit your customer's needs. Resources that are not set when creating an instance package, such as, for example, swap disk size, are calculated automatically. 

Instance packages make it easier for users to create virtual servers. The users simply need to select one of the instance packages available to them in the wizard. However, it is still possible to set the VS resources manually if required. Instance packages apply only to virtual servers created on KVM compute resources.

To provide your users with the ability to choose VS resources from the predefined instance package(s), add the necessary packages to the users' bucket(s). After that, instance packages will appear in the server creation wizard, on the Resources step.

For more info on how to configure instance packages in your cloud, refer to Set up Instance Packages for Cloud.