Enable Kernel Crash Dumping

Kdump is a kernel crash dumping mechanism designed for saving the system's memory contents for later analysis. It is especially helpful for the purposes of debugging when you want to discover the cause of a crash. At OnApp, Kdump feature allows you to create and collect kernel crash dumps on the CloudBoot compute resources. This feature is implemented for CentOS 6 KVM and CentOS 7 KVM compute resources only.

To enable kernel crash dumping:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Admin > Settings menu.
  2. Click the Compute Resources icon.
  3. Click the label of the Compute resource you want to enable Kdump on.
  4. On the screen that appears, click the Tools button, then click Enable Kernel Crash Dumping.
  5. Move the Kernel Crash Dumping slider to the right to enable Kernel Crash Dumping. 
  6. Click Save to proceed.
After you have enabled kernel crash dumping, reboot your compute resources at a convenient time to apply the changes.

The core dumps should be stored on NFS resource(s), because CloudBoot doesn't have any local storage. The resource will be $NFS_IP:/data. By default the NFS share is located on the Control Panel server.

For additional information on kernel crash dumping refer to Kernel Crash Dumping Mechanism on KVM Compute Resources section.