Backup Server Options in Clouds Using Incremental Backups

The table below compares the backup server performance in the cloud using incremental backups. The information is provided for the following configurations:

  • The cloud with dedicated backup server with local storage
  • The cloud with dedicated backup server with NFS attached storage
  • The cloud with NFS share attached to hypervisors
 Dedicated Backup Server with Local StorageDedicated backup Server with NFS attached storage (NOT SUPPORTED)
NFS share attached to HVs (NOT SUPPORTED)
Backup Performance+++++++
Low CPU load on HV++++++-
Low RAM usage on HV++++++-
Backup Load Balancing+++++**-
Provisioning performance+++++**+
Provisioning Load Balancing+++++**-
Support ACLs+++++*++*
Support Xattrs+++--
Ease of backup configuration++++++++
Ease of provisioning configuration++++++
Scalable horizontally+++++**-
General Notes:Has best performance for backups and provisioning, lowest CPU andf RAM usage on HV, load balancing is possible for backups and provisioning, ACLs and Xattrs both supported.Has moderate backup performance, but lower CPU and RAM usage on HV, proper load balancing depends on NFS configuration, ACL support depends on NFS server vendor/model, Xattrs support is not available.Has lowest performance and highest CPU and RAM usage on HV, no load balancing (for both backups and provisioning), ACL support depends on NFS vendor/model, Xattrs support is not available.
Recommended for:Clouds of all sizes.Medium sized, small clouds.Small clouds.
+++very good  
-not supported  
*ACL support depends on type, brand, vendor of NFS Server.  
**Limited due to shared NFS storage  

Dedicated backup server

Dedicated backup server with NFS

Hypervisor with NFS