Edge Accelerators

  • Starting from OnApp 6.0, CDN accelerator is free of charge. You can enable acceleration for a network and the Edge Accelerator instance is created automatically.
  • For details on how to install Accelerator functionality, refer to Edge Accelerator Deployment at Install Compute Resources.

OnApp introduces a new type of virtual server -  Edge Accelerator. Edge Accelerator empowers any websites/VS hosted on OnApp Cloud to use CDN with just one single button without any modification. Edge Accelerator gives your customers all the benefits of a global CDN without any of the hassle of configuring and maintaining a CDN platform. Edge Accelerator requires no modifications to the web applications running on virtual servers. All optimization is entirely automatic, and using minification & lossless compression of pages, scripts and images, will not modify or reduce the quality of the source content. 

Edge Accelerator is a new type of VS, which is built from a specific template and is aimed to serve as a router for traffic between CDN core and CDN-enabled Virtual Servers.  

  • Contact your account manager to enable Edge Accelerator on your Cloud Licence.
  • Ensure that RabbitMQ is configured for the proper usage of Edge Accelerator.
  • Only HTTP (TCP port 80) and HTTPS (TCP port 443) are supported. Other protocols will be passed through to the VS directly.
  • In order to route the VS traffic, the VS must be on the same network with the Edge Accelerator.
  • CDN Accelerator does not support Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

 A schematic of the process architecture is shown below: