OnApp Cloud provides two licensing models that enable you to use your Control Panel with a set of available services – Online and Offline or Isolated license. The Isolated license is applicable to a Control Panel that is run in an isolated environment that allows no external access from the public Internet. The Online license can be used for those CPs that are not managed in an isolated environment and allow external access. 

For any queries regarding your OnApp license, please contact your account manager.

View License Details 

To view your OnApp license details:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > AdminSettings menu.
  2. Click the License icon.
  3. The Licensing page provides the following license details:
    • License Type - the license type
    • License Key - the license key
    • License Status - the license status that can be valid or invalid
    • License Expires In - the license expiry date
    • XEN/KVM Compute Resources Limit - the current usage and limit of XEN/KVM compute resources 
    • XEN/KVM Compute Resources Core Limit - the current usage and core limit of XEN/KVM compute resources 
    • VCENTER Compute Resources Core Limit - the current usage and core limit of vCenter compute resources 
    • Integrated storage Limit - the current usage and limit of the integrated storage disk size measured in GB
    • Virtual Server number limit on XEN/KVM Compute Resources - the current usage and limit on the number of virtual servers on XEN/KVM compute resources
    • Virtual Server number limit on VCENTER Compute Resources - the current usage and limit on the number of virtual servers on vCenter compute resources
    • Trader status - the status of the trader
    • Supplier status - the status of the supplier

If you exceed the limits available in your license, you can no longer use the API and Control Panel. All your requests will be redirected to the Licensing page. If you reach the limit defined in your license, you will not be able to create new resources.

Licensed Features

The Licensed Features box contains the list of available features and indicates whether they are enabled or disabled for the present license:

    • Compute Resource Supported - lists supported compute resources (e.g. Xen, KVM, VMware Cloud, VMware that is vCenter, ect)
    • Software Defined Storage - shows whether Integrated Storage is enabled for the license

    • Infiniband - shows whether InfiniBand is enabled for the license
    • AWS - indicates whether Amazon Web Service is enabled for the licence
    • DRaaS - shows whether Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is enabled for the license
    • CP High Availability - indicates whether High Availability CP is enabled for the license
    • Application Servers - shows whether application servers are enabled for the license
    • Container Servers - shows whether container servers are enabled for the license
    • Edge Accelerator - shows whether the accelerator server for CDN is enabled for the license
  • Starting from OnApp 6.0, CDN accelerator is free of charge and is enabled in your license by default. 
    • Service Add-Ons - shows whether service add-ons are enabled for the license
    • SDN - shows whether Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is enabled for the license
    • NSX for vCenter - shows whether NSX feature for vCenter is enabled for the license
    • NSX for vCloud - shows whether NSX feature for VMware Cloud is enabled for the license

At the bottom of the Licensed Features box, you can see the date of the last sync with the licensing server.

Online License 

If you use an online license, use the following procedure to change your license key:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > AdminSettings menu.
  2. Click the License icon.
  3. Click the Change License Key button to change the OnApp license key. You will be redirected to the System tab at the Settings > Configuration page where you can change and save a new license key. 
  4. To accelerate the license validation after changing the license key, click the Restart License Client button.

You can control a user's ability to restart license client by enabling or disabling the Restart Dashboard Client permission.

Isolated License 

To use an isolated license for your CP, run the following steps:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > AdminSettings menu.
  2. Click the Configuration icon.
  3. In the System tab, move the Enable isolated license slider to the right.
  4. Click the Save Configuration button. 

When the isolated license functionality is enabled, you can go to Control Panel > AdminSettingsLicense and download a validation request or upload a validation request: 

  • Download Validation Request
    Click this button to download a validation request. You then need to upload this request to the Licensing collection website. Uploading of the validation request initiates downloading of the validation response that you will need to upload into your CP. 
  • Upload Validation Response
    Click this button to upload the validation response that you have earlier downloaded from the Licensing collection website. Choose the response file stored on your computer and click Submit.
  • You need to upload the validation response to your Control Panel within 30 minutes after receiving it, otherwise, the response will not be accepted on your Control Panel.
  • After the Control Panel upgrade, you need to manually sync with the dashboard by downloading the validation request and then uploading the validation response as described above.