Location Groups

The location group ties сompute resource, network, data store and backup server zones into the same location group. So, when you create a сompute resource and choose a сompute zone assigned to a specific location group, the network, data store and backup servers will be limited to this location group. This enables you to host different types of servers (virtual, smart, application, edge and storage) in remote locations using a single control panel. Please contact your cloud specialist to enable this feature.

Make sure to enable the Access Token to use Location groups functionality (Control Panel > Admin > Settings > Configuration menu).

The location group specified per server predefines the selection of сompute zones and, consequently, its сompute resources. 

If a user has compute zones assigned to location groups in their bucket, the Cloud Locations step will appear in the virtual server creation wizard. On this step, the user selects the country and city where the cloud is located. If the user's bucket has several compute zones, some of which are assigned to location groups, whereas others are not - the cloud locations screen will not be available in the wizard.