Document Conventions

The following document conventions are used in this guide.


Label or button names in the Control Panel, often clickable. For example:

On the VS's screen, click the Tools button, then select Delete Virtual Server.


Parameters and field labels in the UI. For example:

Password - set password for remote Vyatta management.

 code block

Source code. For example:

alter if not: eth0 = public interface
              eth1 = CP Communication interface
              eth2 = VLAN communication interface

In some cases, code examples can be preformatted. For example:

Run the following commands:

echo "cp <LOCATION OF vnc.xml> /etc/vmware/firewall/vnc.xml" >> /etc/rc.local
echo "localcli network firewall refresh" >> /etc/rc.local
echo "esxcli network firewall refresh" >> /etc/rc.local

A menu selection

For example:

Go to Settings -> Networks -> Add New Network

We use the following formatting elements to draw your attention to certain pieces of information:


An info message emphasizes or explains the information within the chapter.

Clicking the OFF button performs graceful shutdown and then powers off the VS after the timeout set in the Configuration settings.


A Note message contains information essential for the task completion.

The maximum length of a Mount Point is 256 characters.


A warning message informs you of something you should not do or be cautious.

You won't be able to restore a VS after deleting it.