Manage Backup Servers Hardware Devices

You can manage Integrated Storage Static Backup Server network interfaces at any time after the Backup server creation.

To edit IS Static Backup Server Hardware Devices configuration:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Admin > Settings menu > Backup Servers > label of a backup server > Tools > Hardware Devices.
  2. The page that loads displays Network Interfaces details:

    • Name
    • Status 
    • MAC address
  3. Click the Edit Hardware Device Configuration button.
  4. Configure network interfaces. For each backup server NIC, you can use one of the following options:
    • Unassigned - leave the NIC unused.
    • Assigned to SAN - select this option to use this interface for storage network. In this case, NIC interface will be bonded with virtual network interface of the Storage Controller Server.
  5. Click Next.
  6. After devices are successfully reconfigured, click Finish.