Amazon EC2 support is an opt-in feature that is available for a small additional fee on top of your normal OnApp license. Please contact your account manager on before enabling Amazon EC2 support.

To enable AWS for your cloud, follow the procedure below:

  1. Go to your OnApp Control Panel > Admin > Settings > Configuration and switch on the Allow users connect to AWS toggle. This will enable AWS for the cloud.

  2. Go to the AdminUsers menu and click the name of the appropriate user.

  3. Find Amazon Web Services section and click Connect.

  4. To connect, provide the following credentials:

    • AWS access key - go to your Amazon profile > Security credentials > Users > Manage 

    • AWS secret access key - use the same path as above. For security reasons, AWS secret access key is stored encrypted in the OnApp DB.

  5. In the left navigation pane of your Control Panel, a new entry AWS > EC2 instances will appear.

    If AWS is disabled, the above option will disappear from the dashboard, but all users’ credentials will be kept in OnApp DB.

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