The Deliveries section shows all the notification deliveries in your cloud. If a subscription has a recipient list which contains multiple users, a separate delivery will be displayed for each of the recipients of the notification.

Check Notifications Delivery

At your Control Panel > Admin >Deliveries menu, you can see the deliveries in your system with the following details:

  • Status - whether the notification was delivered. This status can indicate that the delivery is Complete, Running or Failed.
  • ID - the ID of the delivery
  • Subscription Name - the subscription within which this delivery was initiated. Click the label of the subscription to view its details.
  • Recipient - the user to whom the notification is to be delivered
  • Destination - the destination to which the notification was delivered: SMTP or SENDMAIL for email notifications and INTERNAL for notifications in CP
  • Date - the time when the notification was sent

Delete Notification Data

You can delete notification data, including events, deliveries and notifications for a particular period of time. To delete all notification data, you need to run the following command from the onapp user: 

cd /onapp/interface
RAILS_ENV=production rake messaging:clean_notification_elements[2016-09-20,2016-09-23]

Change the dates in the example above to the ones you require and separate them by comma. The notification data is deleted for the period from the first date up to and including the second date you specify.

If the deletion of notification data fails, you can run the followig command:

cd /onapp/interface
RAILS_ENV=production rake messaging:fix_events_data

After running this command, you can repeat the previous step to delete notification data.

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