Transaction server is an element of the location group (compute resource or a backup server) where the particular transaction is performed. 

These are non-backup transactions, related to Appliances (apart from VMware virtual servers), such as:

  • destroy disk
  • configuration of the operating system
  • build disk
  • format disk
  • provisioning
  • rebuild network (offline)
  • Set Ssh Key (offline)
  • Configure Load Balancer (offline)

The system selects the element of your location group to be a transaction server according to the following principle:

  1. If the appliance is associated with a compute resource with only a local data store, this compute resource will be selected.

  2. If there are backup servers (server) available to the user who sets the transaction, any such backup server will be selected based on the lowest CPU load (highest cpu_idle parameter)

  3. If the above user does not have access to the backup servers, but there are such in his location group, any of the available backup serves will be selected based on the lowest CPU load (highest cpu_idle parameter)

  4. If there are no backup servers in the location group, the compute resource associated with this virtual server will be selected as the transaction server.

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