This section contains information on how to edit locales, pagination, system themes, and other application settings.

To edit interface configuration, do the following:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > AdminSettings menu, and click the Configuration icon.
  2. Click the Interface tab to change the following application settings:

Please note, the system will restart OnApp services automatically after you save the new configuration.


  • Locales – in the list, select locales which will be available for the users. You may select multiple locales.

AJAX Update Rates (ms) 

  • VS Status - AJAX pagination update time for virtual servers
  • Dashboard/logs/other - AJAX pagination update time for dashboard, logs, and other screens


  • Max items limit  set the maximum amount of items which can be displayed per page applying the Show All button in the list. If the overall number of the items in the list exceeds the number entered herein, the Show All button will not be available in the list menu.
  • Log items pages limit on dashboard  – set the maximum amount of pages to list log items in the Activity Log section at the main Dashboard page. You can view all the available log items at the Logs page, including those items that cannot be displayed at Dashboard within the specified amount of pages. 

System Themes

  • Default system theme – in the drop-down list, select a system theme. It can be light or dark.
  • Default Custom theme – select a custom theme that will be automatically applied to all future organizations/user groups. If you do not specify the custom theme, new entities will use the default one.   

Dashboard Statistics

  • Dashboard Stats  select the statistics, which will be shown on a dashboard, from the list.