In this document, you can find information on how to manage smart server recipes. 

View Smart Server Recipes

To view smart server recipes:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Cloud > Smart Servers menu.
  2. Click the label of the server you're interested in.
  3. Click the Overview tab, then choose Recipes.
  4. The screen that follows shows details of all the recipes in the cloud:
    • The left pane shows the list of available recipes organized into recipe groups.
    • The right pane displays the list of events to which the recipes can be assigned to. Click the arrow button next to event to expand the list of recipes assigned to it.

Assign Recipe

Drag and drop recipe to assign it to the desired event.

You can assign virtual server recipes to the following events:

  • VS provisioning - run the recipe during the virtual server provisioning
  • VS network rebuild - run the recipe while rebuilding a network
  • VS disk added - run the recipe while adding a disk to the virtual server
  • IP address allocated for VS - run the recipe when adding an IP address to the VS network interface
  • IP address revoked from VS - run the recipe when removing an IP address from the VS network interface
  • VS network interface added - run the recipe while adding a network interface to the virtual server
  • VS network interface removed - run the recipe while deleting a network interface from the virtual server
  • VS disk resized - run the recipe while resizing a virtual server disk
  • VS resize - run the recipe while resizing the virtual server
  • VS IP address add - run the recipe while adding an IP address the virtual server
  • VS IP address remove - run the recipe while removing an IP address from the virtual server
  • VS start - run the recipe while starting the virtual server
  • VS reboot - run the recipe while rebooting the virtual server
  • VS hot migrate - run the recipe during the hot migration of the virtual server
  • VS hot full migrate - run the recipe during the hot migration of the virtual server with disk
  • VS failover - run the recipe during the failover process

To use drag and drop:

  1. Click the arrow button in front of the required event to unfold it.
  2. Select the required recipe in the left pane and hold it down with the left mouse button.
  3. Drag the recipe up to the right pane and release the mouse button to drop the recipe and add it to the required event.

Remove Recipe