The Backup Plugin System enables you to integrate OnApp with a third-party backup service. The plugin allows to back up and restore your virtual servers by means of a service that you use for backup management. OnApp provides the plugins for R1Soft Server Backup Manager and Veeam Backup & Replication that you can install to your Control Panel. You can also create your own plugin to integrate OnApp with a backup service of your choice. 

Starting with OnApp 6.3, the R1Soft backup plugin that we support is 6.12.0. If your R1Soft version is more recent than 6.12.0, we suggest downgrading to this version if possible.

To use the Backup Plugin System in your cloud, you need to apply the workflow that includes the next steps.

Create Backup Plugin

To start with, you need to create a plugin to integrate your backup service with OnApp. You can also use the plugins for R1Soft 6.4 and Veeam 9.5 that were developed by OnApp.

Install Backup Plugin

Install your custom or default plugin for it to be available on your Control Panel.

Create Backup Resource

Create a backup resource that will use your plugin to manage the backup process on the OnApp side. 

Create Backup Resource Zone

Create a backup resource zone where your backup resource will reside.    

Attach Backup Resource to Backup Resource Zone

Attach your backup resource to the backup resource zone that you created in the preceding step. 

Attach Backup Resource Zone to Compute Zone

Attach the backup resource zone to a compute zone to back up virtual servers that run on compute resources in this compute zone by means of your plugin.

Add Backup Resource Zone to Bucket

Add the backup resource zone to a bucket for this zone to be available for users in your cloud.

Create Auto Backup Preset

Create auto backup presets to schedule when backups are automatically run on your third-party service to back up virtual servers hosted in OnApp.

Attach Backup Resource to Virtual Server

Attach your backup resource to virtual servers that run on compute resources from the compute zone to which you assigned the backup resource zone.

You can use the Veeam plugin only for VMware resources such as vCloud Director and vCenter.