The API key is used secret token for API operations authentication. On this page, you can find information on how to manage the API keys.

Create API Key

We do not store the API keys for security reasons.

We strongly recommend that you disable plain password usage for API access for security reasons. We recommend you authenticate through the API key, not the login and password.

To generate a key for a user, go to the user's profile page at Control Panel > AdminUsers > Full Name and click the Add API Key button in the API Info section. On the dialog box that loads you will see the generated key and can add it a description. Please note that the is the only time you can see and copy an API key.  After you click Create, a key will is added into the API Info section, but you can not see the entire key or recover it.

There is a limit of 100 API keys per user. To increase the limit:

  1. Open file /onapp/interface/config/info_hub.yml
  2. Add parameter api.max_keys and set an appropriate value for API keys limit.

Manage API Key

To see a whole list of API keys assigned to a user together with their details:

Go to the user's profile page at Control Panel > Admin Users > Full Name and click Manage API Keys in the API Info section. On the page that loads, you will see the list of API keys together with their details:

Key - first 5 symbols of a key
Description - description of a key added during creation
Created Date - date and time when a key was created
Last Access Date - date and time when the key was last used
Delete - click to delete a key

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