The OnApp Cloud 6.6 provides new features and improvements. You can find the list of all key enhancements at Release Notes

Updated UI

We updated the user interface with the new look and feel for a number of pages. This version of the user interface is aimed to improve the user experience.

SDN Management

Upgraded the software-defined networking management with the improvements: 

  • Possibility to edit SDN network;
  • Validation for SDN managers host IP;
  • Possibility to set transit IP.

SAML Login

Now it is possible to hide SAML login buttons from the login page at Settings > Authentication > New SAML ID Provider button.

VMware Cloud Director Version 10.3

VMware Cloud Director and OnApp version 6.6 Stable is compatible with VMware Cloud Director 10.3

Veeam V11 Support for vCenter and vCloud

We started to support the latest Veeam version for vCenter and vCloud, Veeam 11, which protects against ransomware. 

Windows vCenter VS

Now you have the possibility to build virtual server in vCenter based on Windows 10 template. We have also improved the scripts responsible for vCenter Windows-based virtual server configuration. As a result, the provisioning time is reduced by approximately 40-50%.

NSX-T and NSX-V Edge Gateway Networks

Improved the functionality of NSX-T and NSX-V edge gateway networks. Starting from 6.6 version:

  • All the charges for edge gateway sub-allocated IPs are synchronized with billing to keep your invoices updated.
  • Edge gateway sub-allocated IPs are reported under an external network.
  • When the NSX-T edge gateway is imported from vCloud, the IP settings are imported as well. Accordingly, all changes in vCloud regarding the IP settings are synced with OnApp.
  • The rate limits for NSX-V edge gateways are accessible via API. You can use them if you want to create custom billing scripts.

Virtual Server Disks

  •  Virtio Mode

We added the possibility to enable or disable virtio mode when editing the disks of Windows-based virtual servers, application servers, ISO virtual servers, OVA virtual servers, and smart servers if the templates these servers are built on support kvm_virtio.

Windows Auto-Backups

Force Windows Auto-Backups is a new option that enhances the backup taking progress for Windows VSs. In particular, it takes the raw disk image backups and can be used as an extreme measure when the backup cannot be taken due to NTFS file system problems.

Clone VS

Cloning KVM-based virtual server option now allows you to change the hostname, password, and label from the original VS.

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