Assets are the compute resources that are connected to the Control Panel server, but are either not configured or not assigned to a compute zone.

Compute resources that are not configured yet are accessed via the Admin Settings > Assets menu. 

Compute resources that are already created but not assigned to a compute resource group are managed via the Control Panel > Admin Assets menu. They are managed exactly the same as compute resources.

Click your Control Panel's main Assets menu to see the list of all unassigned compute resources in your cloud, and a quick overview of their details:

  • Label
  • IP address
  • Type (KVM, etc.)
  • Zone
  • Location Group
  • Failover status
  • VSs
  • CPU cores
  • CPU resources used
  • CPU resources available
  • CPU speed
  • Total RAM
  • Free RAM

You can drill into a specific asset to add virtual servers to that compute resource, edit resources, or reboot an asset. To do so:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Assets menu. On the screen that appears you'll see the list of assets.
  2. Click an asset's name (label) to see its details screen.
  3. On the screen that appears:
    • click the "+" sign to add a VS to this compute resource. You'll be prompted to a VS creation wizard.
    • click Actions > Resource OptionsEdit Compute Resource to change its details and resources.
    • click Actions> Resource OptionsReboot Compute Resource to reboot an asset.

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