The OnApp Cloud 6.5 provides new features and improvements. You can find the list of all key enhancements at Release Notes.  Please note that:

  • The support status of Xen changes to End of Support in OnApp 6.5. Please note that we will no longer develop features for Xen, or provide full support for Xen compute resources in OnApp clouds. You may migrate your VSs from Xen to KVM
  • CentOS 6 reached End of Life and is no longer supported. That is why we recommend you upgrade to CentOS 7.

Bucket & User Wizard

The new onboarding wizard helps admin without deep product knowledge configure initial users and buckets. With this new wizard, you can compare your buckets, configure a new bucket, and create users and assign them to a bucket. The wizard is available at Control Panel > Admin > Buckets & Users menu.

Infrastructure Wizard

With the new infrastructure wizard, you can configure initial compute, storage, and networking resources on the cloud in an easier way. Now you need just to fill out a few simple forms and provide access credentials for connection to your servers. To access the wizard go to your Control Panel > Admin > Infrastructure Wizard menu.

Password Encryption

We introduced a more consistent approach for password encryption. Accordingly, we updated the name and structure of the OnApp database dump file.

API Key Management

Now you can restrict the users from using plain password authentication for API access by system configuration. You can also create multiple API keys for different scenarios, up to 100 API keys per user, to increase security.

VMware NSX-T Data Center

We started to support NSX-T, the next-generation software-defined networking solution from VMware. While NSX-V is limited only to vSphere, NSX-T does not require vCenter Server deployment. Besides, NSX-V is reaching its end of life so that we recommend our VMware customers switch to NSX-T. 

With NSX-T edge gatewaysa routed organization VDC network can be connected to external networks. Now, you can also configure firewall and NAT (Network Address Translation) rules for NSX-T edge gateways. 

  • The firewall rule filters all incoming and outgoing traffic and data. It provides defense against external threats and protects from stealing sensitive data.
  • NAT translates from private to public IP addresses. Using the NAT rules you can replace the source or destination IP addresses with desired IP addresses.

Updated UI

We updated the user interface with the new look and feel for Virtual Server Details, Help, and Alert pages.

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