To access your Control Panel, you must first provide a username and password. Optionally, you can set up two factor authentication for your cloud using a YubiKey. Authentication means identifying a user and verifying that this user is allowed to access the OnApp Control Panel.

You can also implement SAML authentication for your cloud so that your users can input their credentials from third-party systems to access OnApp services, without the need to be previously registered in OnApp Cloud. For more information refer to SAML Authentication.

Check the Remember me box to have the CP remember your login details for one month. You will have to enter your login credentials again after you log out or clear your browser cookies. 

After two failed attempts at logging into the OnApp account the system will show the number of login attempts that the user has left. After the login attempts limit is exhausted the account will be locked and unlock instructions will be sent to the user's email. You can set the number of login attempts at Control Panel > AdminSettings > Configuration > Defaults by configuring the Lockout attempts parameter.

If you have forgotten your password, press the Forgot your password? link and specify the email to which your reset password instructions will be sent.

You may face issues with logging in to your Control Panel in the following scenarios:

  • If you enter invalid credentials that are your login and/or password.
  • If an IP address from which you try to access your CP is not added to a White List.

To successfully log in to CP, make sure that you enter valid credentials and your IP is in the White List.

Two Factor Authentication

To set up two factor authentication for your cloud you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Enable the Use Yubico login option at Dashboard > AdminSettings > Configuration > System tab. For more information on OnApp configuration, refer to the Control Panel Configuration chapter.
  2. Enable the Use Yubikey  option for your user and set your Yubikey at Dashboard > AdminUsers  > User name

Then you will be prompted to provide your OnApp login and password, and afterwards you will be forwarded to a page where you need to enter your YubiKey:

  1. Insert the YubiKey into your computer's USB port. If the YubiKey is connected correctly, its status light will turn green.
  2. Click in the Enter your Yubikey field.
  3. Press your finger to the gold YubiKey button. A long line of characters will appear in the field. You will be automatically forwarded to your Dashboard page.

If a user has TOTP Authentication enabled, after entering login and password, one-time password must be entered too to log in successfully.

The CP requires outbound connection to the Yubico API server, api.yubico.comover HTTPS port 443 (TCP).

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