Baremetal servers are physical servers that reside directly on the hardware without the virtualization layer. Baremetal servers are hosted on the dedicated baremetal compute resources, deployed for a single user. Utilization of baremetal servers allows locating customer's servers on a single piece of hardware. Use of baremetal servers in the cloud makes hardware resource utilization more efficient. 

The advantages of baremetal servers: 

  • full access to the entire server
  • tight security 

Baremetal servers are provisioned via KVM CloudBoot compute resources that can be then organized into zones to create different tiers of service - for example, by setting up different zones for baremetal servers, with limits and prices specified per zone. Baremetal compute zones can also be used to create private clouds for specific users. Limits and prices are specified individually for each baremetal compute zone assigned to the bucket.

You can enable recovery mode for baremetal servers. For details, see Enable Recovery Mode for Baremetal Servers.

  • Autoscale, Segregate and VIP status options are not available for baremetal servers. Also, it's not possible to wipe disks, as OnApp cloud administrators do not have access to baremetal server disks. 
  • VLANs are not configured automatically on baremetal servers. You need to configure them manually in accordance with your OS and hardware settings.

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