Application Server is a regular VS based on the default CentOS template with pre-installed additional software. This software allows you to install and have up & running various PHP/Perl/Python frameworks (like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.) on a server using web interface.  

To activate Application Server functionality you need to activate an appropriate license on the OnApp dashboard. Also, he following field in OnApp configuration should be necessarily filled in, as system_email is used for proper configuration of application server: Control Panel > Admin > Settings > Configuration > System > Email > From.

Application servers allow you to deploy different applications on your cloud. For more info, refer to Applications.

Application Server gives you high-end cloud management features including:

The following options are not available for application servers:

  • Reset Root Password
  • Set SSH keys
  • Integrated console
  • Convert backup to template
  • Recipes
  • Recipe Custom Variables

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