OnApp Cloud 6.4 provides new features and improvements. You can find the list of all key enhancements at Release Notes.

VSS Network Management for vCenter

To use OnApp vCenter with vSphere Standard licensing, you may now import existing vSphere Standard Switches from vCenter to OnApp and use them instead of vSphere Distributed Switch, which requires Enterprise Plus licensing.

vCenter Resource Pools

Resource pools allow you to delegate control over resources of a host (or a cluster) so that you can use them to divide into sections all resources in a cluster.

vCenter Cluster as Compute Resource

Now you can create compute resources using clusters, imported with the vCenter server. To connect to vCenter, you can create a vCenter server logical point on the OnApp side and then, add each cluster from the vCenter side as a compute resource on the OnApp side separately. Accordingly, you can create your VS based on the compute resource (cluster) and resource pool that you select on the VS creation wizard.

TOTP Authentication

If you would like your users to utilize Google Authenticator or any similar application with their OnApp account to enhance security, you may now enable TOTP authentication for two-factor authentication (2FA).
TOTP stands for Time-based One-time Password Algorithm, a common form of Two-factor Authentication, which, offers increased security for 2FA.

Updated UI

In OnApp 6.4, we updated the user interface with the new look and feel for all UI components, including:

  • 505 and 404 Error landing pages

  • tree structure; the status icons and other service icons on the tables and table content
  • the Buckets menu
  • placeholders and inputted texts

User Role Creation

In OnApp 6.4, we improved the user role creation process by introducing the role templates. Now you can create a new role based on the default roles (Administrator or User), as well as clone a role and assign it to a new user.

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