OnApp provides an integrated VNC console that gives users direct access to their smart servers through the Control Panel UI. The noVNC console is provided for smart servers that are built on KVM CentOS 7 based on WebSockets. Users with the Administrator role can access all smart server consoles for support and troubleshooting purposes. The console connects a user browser to a VNC port or VNC WebSocket port available via a compute resource for the guest console. 

To access the smart server VNC console via the Control Panel:

  1. Go to the Cloud > Smart Servers menu.
  2. Click a label of a destination smart server. 
  3. Click the Console tab.

For the HTML5 console, click the Re-connect button if the connection is lost. The re-connection to the console runs as follows: 

  • If the console runs as expected, clicking the Re-connect button causes disconnection and the console is re-connected automatically after 1.5 seconds.
  • If the console gets stuck, clicking the Re-connect button runs your request once again and re-connects the console without reloading.
  • If the console gets disconnected with a status code and an error message, the console is re-connected automatically after 1.5 seconds.

To use the Java console instead of HTML5, go to Admin > Settings Configuration and edit settings in the System tab. For more information, refer to System Configuration

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