Baremetal servers are billed in a slightly different way than other server types. You can only set the IP address and template limits and prices for your baremetal servers.

To charge for baremetal server resources: 

  1. Create a baremetal server compute zone and attach baremetal compute resources to this zone.
  2. Create a bucket.
  3. Add the compute zone (baremetal server type) to the bucket and set the limits and prices in the bucket's Access Control and Rate Card for this zone.
  4. Add a network zone to the bucket's Access Control.
  5. Set the IP address limits for VSs powered off in the bucket's Access Control and set the price in the Rate Card. Each server deployed will take an IP from the network zone added to the bucket, and will be billed for each IP address taken. For more information, see Configure Resource Allocation and Prices.

  6. Go to the Template Store section of the bucket menu, add the required store to the Access Control. In the bucket's Rate Card set the add the required template store and set the price for each of the templates. Each time a baremetal server is built on the specific template, the user will be charged the amount set. For more details, see Template Store.

  7. Assign a user to this bucket.
  8. Create a baremetal server under this user's account based on the baremetal compute resource in a compute zone that you've just added to the bucket.

Do not set any other limits except the ones described above.

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