A virtual server has been migrating for a while. Sometimes, the task shows a box with an x when hovered over. The task may show up as a zombie process at the Alerts page.


Check if the migrate is still running on the compute resource:

  1. SSH to the compute resource.
  2. Attempt to find the migrate process by running ps aux|grep migrate:

    root **48017** 0.0 0.0 275908 5440 pts/0 Ssl+ Sep14 0:02 virsh migrate --live --unsafe ns4hhkkvigu6lw qemu+ssh:// tcp: root **54104** 0.0 0.0 275908 5440 pts/1 Ssl+ 00:33 0:01 virsh migrate --live --unsafe rsfwnfwrnesjzw qemu+ssh:// tcp:
  3. Use the new information to run the following command:

    cat /proc/48017/io and cat /proc/54104/io

The following code shows that the migrate is not running:

 rchar: 121847
wchar: 55492 
syscr: 3731 
syscw: 1821 
read_bytes: 0 
write_bytes: 0 
cancelled_write_bytes: 0