Startup virtual server in recovery mode failed with: 

LibVirt: Call to virDomainCreateXML failed: Failed to open file '/onapp/tools/recovery/xxxxxxxxxx.iso': No such file or directory


The issue occurs because the required recovery files are not available to boot the VS in recovery mode.


To resolve the issue, follow the next procedure:

This file is a part of a collection of files, chances are you will need to download all three. They are: 


The files should be stored in the /data directory on the CP. Check the /data directory for the needed files, you might need to download the updated versions.

If you need to download the recovery files, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the files needed are available through the templates repository:
  2. SSH into the CP and go to the /data directory.
  3. run: wget <link to file> (run this for all three files: .iso, .kernel, .initrd). Example: wget

If the compute resource is cloudboot, there are scripts, which should push the recovery files to all compute resources.

If the compute resource is static, you will need to SCP the files from CP to the compute resource (run this for all three files: .iso, .kernel, .initrd).

scp /data/recovery-xxxxxxxxxx.ext root@<IP address of HV>:/onapp/tools/recovery/recovery-xxxxxxxxxx.ext