I have a virtual server that was destroyed but the IP still pings.


It is likely that the virtual server was unable to stop for some reason and is shown at the Alerts page. 

  1. Copy the identifier for the virtual server, go to the compute resource that the virtual server was on, and run the command below:

    virsh list | grep *identifier*

    If the command returns nothing, the virtual server is not running on the compute resource. If the command returns the following output, the virtual server is still running on the compute resource:

    virsh list | grep hs4dfnrnz0u770
    10   hs4dfnrnz0u770                              running
  2. Use the following command to remove the running virtual server:

    virsh destroy identifier
  3. virsh list | grep identifier will show nothing, because the virtual server was removed.

For OnApp versions prior to 6.0, replace virsh with xm in the commands above for XEN compute resources.